Автор: Н.И. Козлов

I want my husband to see me as an adult!


Yes, men do sometimes like fool girls. Yes, smart girls sometimes play a fool to please young people. Yes, it is so massive that it has already become a part of women s culture, and cute girls grow up without seeing a big need to learn to think and, in principle, behave in an adult way. What for? They are already admiring!

However, here you are already married, you have two children already, and your husband suddenly starts looking at you differently: "Listen, are you clever? What are you behaving like a foolish girl?" Do not you know how to be an adult and smart? ". And you understand that the game is a game, but you really do not really know how to behave like an adult. Well, if you did not, then how?

The situation is not simple, but the most intelligent women are taking a difficult but worthy decision: to learn to think and start behaving according to the adult ... Will we help them? At least - where to start?

Here, with pleasure, I publish a letter written to my husband by an intelligent young woman, the mother of two children.

"Dear, I understand that you do not like my childish behavior. I do not like it either. But we will solve this problem together. I set myself such a task. That’s how to act - a more complicated question. I would appoint you responsible for this matter, and I myself would be the executor. I’m ready to do whatever you tell me. Your task is to decide the question, to speak, and my task is to listen to you. And then, if I obey you, I will gradually not be a little girl, but a wise beautiful woman. This is the first sentence.

The second sentence. I think it’s no use making a noise at me. Because from this I will not learn to be clever at once. But if you instead of noise will give me some tasks that are understandable to me, useful to me, then I will soon learn to be an intelligent girl, and I will be grateful to you for this. If you will show patience, but I will teach, give assignments, it will be sensible and healthy.

Third point. Dear, when you see that I have childlike behavior, then give me a sign, a clear sign to me, maybe a finger, and remember how I behave to mirror. But to mirror not to imitate, but to show it to me, if I do not notice it. And then, if you showed me, my duty will be to stop the child’s behavior and think about what I could replace it with, so that there would be an adult. If I do not think up myself, you’ll tell me how I should behave, what more adult behavior you would like to see from me. "

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