Автор: Э.В. Гончарова, психолог, коуч
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Your life will pass through a stump-deck - or in another way?

Most people poorly plan their lives, less carefully than their vacation, much less carefully than their vacation! Therefore, they will have a vacation according to a strict scenario, but the majority’s life will pass through a stump-deck.


Correctly do! But to doubt you need to add more and your wise actions.

Do you have a plan for your life? On its nearest stretch?

Netuuuuu ?!

Not surprising!

The existence of life goals and plans for these purposes is the highest stage of human development.

To have goals and plans in the beginning is necessary to this level - my goals and plans - to develop!

I often hear complaints - I do not know what I want ... I do not want anything ... I’m so-so mysterious ... so mysterious, not like others ...

Alas! You are not mysterious! You are not "unlike" others. You are such / such as 93 percent of people living somehow, without life goals and life plans.

Do you know why this happens?

To have life goals and plans, you need to strain: you need to prepare yourself, train your personality. Yes, at the first stage so far without great plans, and so, in a simple way: a little load themselves. Ready? Not in a full relaxation, where it carries-there and carries, live every day, and something in your life begins to control. The very minimum. For example, take control of the use of garbage words, impose a ban on them. Or set yourself the task - before each of your conversations to indicate your intention. What do I plan to do now - ask, blame, demand, inform, support? What other intentions do you know? How well can you track your intention and evaluate its relevance? And also its effectiveness in your performance? Or they intended to ask, but in fact they drove and blamed, because they themselves did not know what they were going to do and did not follow their speech?

Such simple tasks can and should be included in your life in order to grow to the possibility, write your life plans.

This revelation about the fact that not everyone of us deserves to give birth to his life goal and plan tomorrow, surprises many.

The fact that it is necessary to prepare for the Olympic Games is not surprising, it is necessary to work for the accomplishment of a scientific discovery for more than a decade - this is not surprising.

But the fact that for the existence of life plans and life goals need a trained personality - it’s surprising.

Yes, I well know that in psychology, in the formation of one’s personality, many want to find themselves! They want to understand - why did I come to the white world?

They want to "understand" and not do.

I know that the masters of psychology themselves threw this idea into the masses.

Why - is not clear. Whether by mistake in the thinking of explorers-pioneers, or vice versa - from their great wisdom - to maximally interest the people with the nascent science. But why to this idea "consider yourself and you find something there" decided to stick to the idea that a person is formed only up to five years, in extreme cases, up to twelve - there is generally a fog, this idea does not even appeal to an advertising trick!

Scientific studies of human nature speak quite differently.

We are formed every day! Even our stagnant, spasmodic muscles can be awakened at the age of sixty. Well, and new neurons are easily and cheerfully formed in the brain of ninety-year-old people - it would be the desire of these people to strain meanderings. And who strains - that, as before, and not only in five years, continues to raise himself.

Psychology is not the science of finding oneself. It’s a science - forming yourself!

This knowledge of psychology is for every educated modern man to absorb! And the main task of psychologists is to suggest what it is possible and necessary to train, how to train it. And pay attention - that not from conversations with the trainer-consultant there are new skills, and from daily methodical trainings.

Having re-trained your personality, you can already count on the fact that you are able to write a plan - not only for your vacation, but for your life.

Friends, I will say it again, that’s why we will never go out just to the Olympic mate to look around and understand - I can not: throw a meter or five meters or throw a hundred kilogram carcass over my shoulder, or throw a disc over the clouds. Right? Without preparation, we do not set ourselves such a task.

But many of us go to the life-mate like that: they fuck around on the sides ... then they look in, they look ... they do not see much with the "experts", but they start meditating - can / can not? You can! What did you learn, then you can!

What are you, my dear readers, learning today? What skills are you honing?

We at the Women’s Distance study:

• how to connect a career and family

• how to be both smart and beautiful

• successful in business and successful in relationships

• how to effectively negotiate with men

• how to negotiate not according to the scheme of "throwing a loch"

• how to label your rules intelligently and firmly

• how to ask questions correctly in order to receive not an excuse, but an answer

• how to bring a complex conversation to commitments

• how to learn to formulate your position, your vision, without negating the position of another

• how to honestly determine for yourself the result that you want to get from the other and what you will have to pay for

• what to use instead of complaints and whining, instead of raids and scandals, instead of hints and reproaches

• how to learn clearly how to convey the idea of ​​which trigger will contribute to the right vector

• how to learn to see your own true intentions

• how to achieve the maximum in your life

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