Автор: Н.И. Козлов

How to be married to a general?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The article is based on reality…

What woman does not dream of marrying a general? That’s right, this is a real man, a strong and responsible person, you follow him like a stone wall. All right, but after work he is so tired and exhausted that, at best, he is no longer up to you, but at worst - he needs to discharge someone... On whom, I wonder - do you guess?

And how then to meet him? Any inaccuracy, especially oversight - and you will be destroyed still on the way, because scandal with it is as promising as to withstand a nuclear explosion. The only way out is to master the tools of a wise wife and to meet her husband correctly. How? Of course, we will.

First: your task is to receive instructions from the source. Strangely enough, usually this is not the most difficult task. Once, when the husband is full, satisfied and cheerful (suppose this is a day off or you are on vacation), you find an excuse and ask him the following question: "How can I meet you from work when you are tired? How can I help you?".

Please note, this question is simple, understandable, not heavy and not long. You do not talk about your difficult feelings and experiences, do not load it with details and problems, you just need an instruction: how to do it correctly. For a military man, this is more than understandable: any case is done according to instructions. You ask - he tells you something normal (normal for him) will say. Excellent! You listen carefully, if necessary, specify and if possible record.

If suddenly later it turns out that his instructions do not fit him in the evening, you do not make him claim (God forbid!), but ask for the necessary clarifications. Gradually, with his help, you will understand.

Second: no matter what your husband tells you, you need to try out several life-tested options, like a wise and loving wife can meet her general. They are not complicated, check them out, most likely something from this necessarily will go into your arsenal.

The first is to meet confidently and calmly, but not suggesting refusal to directively say: "Dinner is ready! Wash your hands, now I will feed you." Military men are right about the right orders.

If he does not want to eat, you direct his thoughts and him to another channel: "Go have a rest, now I’ll come, I’ll make a massage!". Look at the situation, there are always possible options: "Maybe you should now lie down, relax? Lie down for 10 – 15 minutes, then take a shower. You know, after that it will be easier immediately!".

The most cheerful can make small flags with such inscriptions: "Dinner!", "Wife, disappear!", "I want you to kiss me!". The husband comes, and you give him these three flags to choose from... What he chooses – that’s right!

And the most loving and loved ones can meet their husbands and salute and report: "Sir General! Your beloved wife is ready to use! What will be the orders?".

Military people perfectly understand the language of orders, and the wife behaves like a mistress of the house: she has the right to give such - the right, caring about him - the orders. Most likely, he will gladly execute them.

Well, the last remark: your husband should be greeted by a cheerful wife! No matter how tired you are, the husband came - you have joy! Right? In any case, you have no options: meet without warmth and joy, get a direct scandal. Therefore, the eyes are cheerful, the intonations are joyful, the face is pleased. This is the main duty of the wife - to meet her husband with joy, and with this wife the real general will quickly come to life!

By following these simple recommendations, you can soon become an indispensable woman for life. Beloved, who knows and knows how to do what her husband needs. And he will be attached to his beloved wife with fat thick threads, and he will never leave this place.

And, of course, such a meeting will make the evening kind, and her husband happy!

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