Автор: Гришкин Роман,
​​​​​​​Университет практической психологии

Little things that create destiny

​​​​​​​The substance consists of molecules.

The molecule consists of atoms.

Atoms consist of electrons.

The fate of a person consists of small, inconspicuous daily actions.

"The devil is in the details."

When you choose to smoke a cigarette, you choose between health and illness. Instead of between "to smoke or not to smoke".

When you choose "to eat yet this very little cake", you choose between a slender figure and a "disorderly" figure. And not between "eat or not eat."

When you choose to watch "House-2", you choose between stupidity and intellectual development. And not between "watching a show or reading a book."

True, does perception change?

You can tell me, my friend, "Well, yes, today, but tomorrow I will do differently." May be.

And maybe so, that exactly the same values ​​for which you chose yesterday cake, a cigarette and "House-2" tomorrow will push you from the Path of the Master.

And vice versa.

The charge you do in the morning is not physical exercise. A choice between health and illness.

The book on the management of personnel, which you read in the subway - is not a pastime. But a choice between a career manager and a specialist.

Pay attention, my friend, these important things are not even trivial.

Are you late or arrive on time? If you’re late, then think about where else in your life can you miss the chance of all your destiny because of this?

Are you 100% in what are you doing? If not, then think, where else in your life can you, because of the distraction / lack of concentration, lose something more than time?

And much, very much more.

Start to notice.

Start calculating the consequences.

Start correcting.

You in 10 years – it’s you now, at this very moment.

Look at your day, and you will see how your life will pass.

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